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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lance Armstrong, Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal = Gay 3-way "Bromance?

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The first thing to note in all this is that Lance Armstrong, Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal are really good friends and bike buddies, and have been for years.

Jake Gyllenhaal (an avid cyclist) has put himself into rigorous training in an all-out bid to play Lance Armstrong in a possible Sony movie of the 7-time Tour de France winner’s life.

In fact, word in Hollywood is that it’s more than just “possible” and that method-actor Jake already has a lock on the role, which is why Gyllenhaal has been spending so much time with Armstrong lately.

Despite that, Jake seems to be playing with his fans, using his success from Brokeback Mountain to get advance publicity and maybe start some very interesting gay 3-way romantic rumors.

What’s even more surprising is that his two best pals Armstrong and McConaughey seem to be playing along!

Don't you wish you could give Matt a hand like that?

What intensified all the speculation was when Lance Armstrong appeared on stage at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater with his two friends in the audience. On camera at the ESPY awards last month to accept his 4th consecutive "Best Male Athlete" award, he good-naturedly began crudely ribbing Jake, introducing him to the audience as his very good friend and then pausing with a frown to ask Gyllenhaal why he was sitting up front when he thought Jake liked it “in the rear.”

Then he introduced McConaughey as his friend of seven years and pointed out that Matt was the most recent People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Suddenly glancing over at Jake like a jealous lover, Lance sternly reprimanded him by pointing at himself and warning Gyllenhaal that his eyes belonged only on Armstrong! Click the link above to watch a clip of the actual interplay.

As a result, sports betting websites like Bodog began laying 3 to 1 odds that Gyllenhaal’s next paparazzi captured kiss would be with Armstrong. Gyllenhaal and McConaughey got 2 to 1 odds.

On the other hand, a smooch between Jake and on-again off-again girlfriend Natalie Portman only got 1 in 3!

Following his split with Sheryl Crow, Lance has reportedly been seen spending more and more time living with and at long-time friend Matthew McConaughey’s rented Malibu beach house when he’s in L.A.

The resulting telephotos of them together are guaranteed to boil the hormones of female fans...

...and more than a few men’s as well!

Whether by intention or design rumors began flying about a romance between the three spandex clad hunks, often seen biking together in the hills around Malibu or partying at local bars, even shopping together.

Speculation grew even more intense when Armstrong took Gyllenhaal to France with him. They were photographed with each other constantly at Paris’ posh Crillon Hotel, and Lance even arranged for Jake to ride in the Discovery team car with him during the Tour’s time trials.

Jake even joked of changing TV channels on Lance, while watching the Tour to catch Tiger Woods win the British Open.

To set the record “straight,” Jake has always been an intense cycling fan. Lance took to the idea immediately when his close friend and an Oscar nominee proposed playing his part in a movie based on Armstrong’s book It’s Not About The Bike. Jake has been spending an intense amount of time with Lance, trying to learn everything he can about the sports hero. Gyllenhaal is determined to do justice to the cancer survivor’s life story.

The only cloud on the horizon is that apparently Americans don’t seem to be caught up in cycling enough to lay down $20 for a box of popcorn to see the movie.

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