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Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Would I-a Gay Man-Have To Be Paraniod About?

Walk a mile in my shoes before you laugh/scoff at the title of this piece and brand me paranoid. I'm sure there are stereotypes that apply to you that aren't true.

Mexicans are lazy and stupid enough to work for nothing. Arabs are invading this country and refusing to learn our ways or even speak our language. Irish are all drinkers. Blonds are easy pickings for sex and aren't all that intelligent.

I've lived my whole life with influential groups in my community and in this country convincing my friends, neighbors and employers of lies about "my kind"...

A. I kidnap little boys from playgrounds, and Innocent husbands from gym locker rooms, and then sodomize them into becoming fags so I can propagate my species.

B. That I only have one thing on my mind at all times-sex.

C. That god gave all faggots AIDS and that if you talk to me, shake hands or accidentally touch me, you'll get it.

D. That any heterosexual that proclaims to be my friend will instantly be branded a faggot too by his peers and ostracized for being perverted by me.

E. That I know all about fashion and love to dress up... in dresses and make up.

F. That I mince around, swish, and speak with a lisp.

G. That it's alright to fire me from a job I held for 10 years because you found out I was a homosexual.

And finally...
That I CHOSE to live this way...

How many of you guessed that none of the above are correct?

Think seriously about why none of you would go out and tell five of your closest friends you are gay (even though you're not) and see what happens to you, how your friends suddenly seem unsure of you-then you'll see the hell I live every minute of every day of my life and why I fear fundamentalist Christianity influencing politics.

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